Grußwort aus den USA an No Pasarán Hamburg (en.)

New Year 2020 greetings from Struggle-La Lucha newspaper and Socialist Unity Party

To comrades of No Pasarán Hamburg,

Poor and working people in the United States awoke on Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, to images of the occupied and oppressed people of Iraq rising up against the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, after Washington carried out airstrikes against a popular militia that aided Syria’s struggle to defend its sovereignty. Class-conscious workers here are inspired by such events to continue the struggle and bring anti-capitalist consciousness to millions more of their class siblings.

In 2019, millions of workers and oppressed people around the globe took to the streets, many for the first time. Amid setbacks, we have seen also heroic resistance in Bolivia, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Donbass and Palestine, to name just a few. Even in imperialist France, workers are now in the fourth week of massive strikes against austerity. Women are in the forefront of these movements. Indigenous peoples, their lives and rights long trodden under the boots of colonialism and imperialism, are leading many struggles.

In Chile, a mass movement against neoliberalism and repression began with students’ resistance to increased prices for public transportation. Their example inspired people in New York to resist after police murdered an African American youth for fare evasion. This year there have been thousands of courageous acts of resistance in solidarity with the many thousands of migrants and refugees, including children, imprisoned by the U.S. government under inhuman conditions and in blatant violation of international law.

Despite the unending threats and brutal sanctions of the Trump regime and its Democratic and Republican accomplices on behalf of Wall Street, Venezuela, Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea enter 2020 standing strong, united and determined to persevere. Other countries are fiercely defending their independence against reactionary, U.S.-backed movements that seek to seize power in order to turn back the clock.

If we are honest, though — and to be honest with our class is a central tenet of Marxism — we must admit that the global working class is still in a period of defensive struggle. More and more, our class is fighting back against the offensive of fascists and white supremacists, of neoliberalism, unbridled militarism and environmental destruction, all in the service of imperialism.

We must resist even more to survive. We must go from the defensive to the offensive — toward a revolutionary struggle to end global capitalism once and for all, and build a socialist future.

To accomplish this is no simple task. If it was, we would have accomplished it long ago. In 2020, the 150th birth year of the great communist thinker and fighter V.I. Lenin, who led the first successful socialist revolution more than a century ago, our task is to recommit ourselves to destroying the capitalists’ greatest weapon — pitting workers, movements and countries against one another.

We commit ourselves to the long-term work of rebuilding the unity of workers and oppressed of the world in the struggle against our common oppressors, which has been shattered in the decades since the tragic destruction of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp. That means workers, especially in the U.S. and other imperialist centers, must be first in the battle against imperialist war and sanctions.

In the U.S., Britain, France and Germany, the foremost task of the working-class movement is to build a united struggle against the racist and fascist violence directed against all oppressed people living inside their borders and beyond.

We must remind the global movement how comrade Lenin updated the slogan of the international communist movement to meet the challenges of the imperialist epoch: “Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!”

And while we must not deceive ourselves about the difficulty of the challenges we face, we should also remember that Lenin told a group of students, two months before the outbreak of the February Revolution in Russia, that “We of the older generation may not live to see the decisive battles of this coming revolution.” In other words, the dialectic of the defensive struggle can turn quickly to the offensive. Our job as revolutionaries is to be ready.

Happy new year, comrades! We wish you great success and hope for deepening collaboration in 2020.

Greg Butterfield
On behalf of Struggle-La Lucha newspaper and Socialist Unity Party / Partido de Socialismo Unido (U.S.)

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