Präsident Selenskij nimmt an Feierlichkeiten teil anlässlich des fünften Jahrestages der Eroberung Mariupols durch die ukrainische Armee. Luftballons für Kinder unter Bannern mit der Wolfsangel.

Währenddessen …

Donetsk, Jun 17 – DAN. The situation along the contact line is deteriorating daily, the DPR Head Denis Pushilin said.

“In the night June 17 Ukrainian armed formations resorted to large scale provocations once again. DPR was targeted with mortars, anti-tank grenade launchers, large caliber machine guns and small arms. Residential houses and civilian infrastructure were the target. In fact the conflict is aggravating every single day, the situation on the contact line becomes worse and more blood is shed,” he said.

Pushilin believes new Ukrainian authorities are to blame. “Peaceful settlement is now in jeopardy.”

“We call on the international community to interfere directly with the Ukrainian internal policy and to force Kiev into a meaningful dialog and effective settlement of all critical issues. We are ready for a meaningful dialog but it must be an equitable dialog taking into account the interests of Donbass residents.”

Kiev forces violated the ceasefire 18 times in the past 24 hours firing 300-plus shells. In the previous reporting period, 100 rounds were fired.

Pushilin says security situation deteriorates daily

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